CENTRAL, OR – The real estate industry is evolving. With consumers taking control over home sales, paying 6% or more just doesn’t seem necessary. “We are seeing a shift in the whole industry. Consumers are taking control and the bottom line is, they want to save money,” says Assist-2-Sell® franchise owner Chris McPheeters. While other real estate companies advertise how much they have made from home sellers in 2015, the team at Assist-2-Sell® talk about how much they have saved home sellers. “Business has grown continually since we opened the doors. Customers can’t believe how much they save with our ‘Full Service with Savings!’® programs”, McPheeters said.  “While serving in the last ten years, we saved home sellers over $3.2 million dollars in commissions by charging a flat fee instead of 6%. That’s a lot of money sellers have kept to use for the purchase of their next home or other necessities. What’s great is most of that money goes back into the local economy!” McPheeters points out that the savings is compared to paying a 6% commission which is used for comparison purposes only and that commissions are negotiable and not set by law.

          The popularity of Assist-2-Sell® Buyers & Sellers Realty Services is driven by their $3,995* low fee, full service program. (*Homes over 500k for $4,995)  The Assist-2-Sell® name sometimes gives home sellers the impression that it is a ‘do-it-yourself’ concept; don’t let the name fool you. Sellers receive the professional full service of a REALTOR® at a fraction of what they normally expect to pay. Assist-2-Sell advertises the property, handles all the phone calls and showings, negotiates the purchase agreement, arranges necessary inspections and appraisals, and oversees the closing.  And they don’t get paid until the home sells. There are no up-front fees or hidden costs.

          Buyers also benefit by receiving full service from Assist-2-Sell. Professional agents are available seven days a week to show homes. The website, www.2SellCentralOregon.com, features all the Assist-2-Sell listings with many photos and details including property address and price.  Buyers love the easy availability of information. The website also includes all homes available through the Multiple Listing Service.

          ‘When people first call us, they are usually thinking there must be a catch”, said McPheeters. “They’re sure we can’t possibly sell their home for just $3,995. They call thinking they’ll be able to eliminate us as a choice because it can’t be as good as it sounds. They are pleasantly surprised when they find out we offer the same professional services as other Realtors while charging a much lower commission than they expect to pay.”

          Assist-2-Sell’s low flat fee commission can save customers plenty. Let’s look at the numbers. A 6% commission on a $300,000 home is $18,000. Assist-2-Sell charges only $3,995, putting $14,000 back in the customer’s pockets. A 6% commission on a $400,000 home is $24,000, saving customers $20,000.  And a 6% commission on a $500,000 home is $30,000, saving customers $25,000! While the lower rates may draw the customers in, it is the subsequent results that leave them satisfied. “You can change whatever low rate you want, but if you don’t get results, people aren’t going to care”, McPheeters said. “We get results! The question is how much do you want to pay to sell your home?”

          Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

          Assist 2 Sell handled our transaction in a very efficient and professional manner. They were always available for questions. Overall, it was a great experience selling our home! We recommend them as an easy, money-saving way to sell your home with great service!

                                       Dr. & Mrs. Derek Hamblin -- Saved: $33,175     

Very informative people! We were pleased with the service. The transaction was smooth and easy, and they kept us informed as the deal progressed.

                                       Ed & Cheryl Wissler -- Saved: $23,505

          It has been a pleasure working with Team Assist-2-Sell – professional, efficient, knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. The money I saved on the sale of this house allowed me to help my daughter buy her first home! I highly recommend them!

                                      Judy Patterson -- Saved: $20,485

          With the influence of the Internet on marketing homes, the days of high commissions are fading fast, and Assist-2-Sell is leading the way. The concept is simple: Charge a reasonable fee, offer full service and comprehensive marketing, and home sellers will respond. Our increased volume allows us to be profitable while offering savings to home sellers.

          Assist-2-Sell was started in 1987 and now has franchises in 40 states and Canada. Assist-2-Sell has been featured in several magazines including Newsweek, Business Week and many large newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Boston Globe and NY Times as a model for the future real estate brokerages.

          The Central Oregon Assist-2-Sell franchise is independently owned and operated by Chris McPheeters, who is a member of the MLS, REALTOR, and the Oregon Association of Realtors.  Their office is located at 1180 SE Division Street, Suite #1, in Bend.

For More information visit:  www.2SellCentralOregon.com or contact Team Assist-2-Sell Buyers & Sellers Realty Services at 541-388-2111. You can also contact them via email at McSold@aol.com.  And keep an eye out for their cars around town!

(Recent article ran in the Bend Bulletin by Assist 2 Sell - Buyers & Sellers Realty Services)